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On this page, ill tell you who I am, where I came from and what can I offer you

Abdul Samad Khan (A Samad)

I(Abdul Samad Khan) known as A Samad , am a 19 year old boy with million of dreams from a war-torn country named Afghanistan. I am born as a refugee in Pakistan and after spending 15 years of my life as a refugee, I moved back to my own country back in 2019. I’m a student of Geology in Kabul University in first class. 

 I am aiming to become a geologist and an expert digital marketer. I have started learning digital marketing since 2022 and now I have gone deep into this world. I am aiming to learn more and provide services to everyone around me. 

I am aiming to specialize in affiliate marketing, web designing and SEO. The current services I can provide are website creation and learning up more. You can know detailed about my services here .